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Dovercourt Day Camps: Article Reprint

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Dovercourt Day Camps: Experience the Difference

With the holiday decorations now tucked away and winter weather in full effect, it’s hard to think about making concrete plans for summer. What is your family’s plan for the summer? When is the family vacation? What are the kids going to do?

Summer camps are the “go-to” childcare option for most working parents. With so many camps to choose from within the city, summer for your children need not be boring, or for that matter, routine.

Dovercourt Recreation Centre in Westboro has built a reputation as one of the city’s most popular camp destinations.  Dovercourt boasts one of the largest and most varied camp programs in Ottawa serving children and youth from 3 to 17 years old.

“We learned early on that day camps serve as child care need for most families” says Steve Nason, Sr. Program Director at Dovercourt. “We have built a camp program to address the need for childcare, but go well beyond, providing a vast selection of themes and specialties to provide both choice and variety for the entire summer. Summer at Dovercourt is about much more than childcare. It’s about fun.”

Dovercourt Recreation Centre’s small community feel is reflected in the delivery of its summer programs.

“Over 80% of our staff are past campers who have grown and developed their way through our leader and counselor in training programs” says Robin Cloutier, Program Manager.  “Few camps, especially day camps, can claim this level of commitment, familiarity and loyalty of its staff.”

Writing about the camps at Dovercourt logically leads to the innovative programs offered at the Centre each year. The variety, and in many cases the uniqueness of the opportunities for children and youth need to be highlighted. Last year, the camp staff created “Grease Monkey” – a camp that featured not only tours of a local garage but a soapbox derby. Dovercourt is not your typical day camp.

Each year the staff serves up a new and varied menu. “Our camps are like a theme park, we need a new set of rides each year” says Steve Nason. The full menu is available in the Camps 24-page Camp Guide that is available in both print and online.

After a recent visit to Dovercourt before Christmas it is apparent that summer camp is more than just a summer activity. A fire truck now sits at the front entrance. It’s the centre-piece of the new 911 Rescue Academy Camps. Not only is the camp new, but it will be one of the first camps offered in a bilingual format.

The sports camps have been revamped and enhanced with new partners and programs to help campers step up their game. Parmar Sports Training is back for its second year for high level soccer instruction, and the basketball camp is now a Steve Nash Basketball program.

Rogers TV has joined Dovercourt and is offering a special one-week Introduction to TV Production camp. The camp will make use of the studios and equipment at Rogers Richmond Road offices.

In addition to the prominent camp-swims in the warm and shallow Dovercourt pool, your children can take their summer swim lessons as an add-on to their day camp schedule. The Day Camps Program guide includes a full listing of the Pre and Post camp swim lessons that are scheduled in conjunction with the daily camp programming.

As if that was not enough, the staff have taken a leap forward this year in its expansion of the Expedition Camps. Rebranded as Overnight Camps, these programs blend day and residential camp experiences into one program unique to the Ottawa area. These camps will serve as a stepping stone for older campers to experience residential camping or as something new for campers who feel they have outgrown day camps. The program features a 3 day, 2 night stay at The Ark Outdoor Education Centre in Quebec. Mike Caldwell runs this outdoor education facility and has worked with Dovercourt`s Adventure Camp staff for the past 5 years in designing and delivering the programs.

Safety is paramount to the Dovercourt programs. Uniformed staff each wear first aid kits and carry two-way radios for the duration of both on and off-site camps. The city`s most qualified lifeguard group accompanies all camps on out trips that involve water including trips to swimming and boating locations, as well as the very popular water themed weeks at which include a trip to Calypso.

Managers at Dovercourt are always available and happy to talk about the camps. They can be reached by calling the centre if you are looking for more details. Of course the Day Camps Guide is available on their website; but parent communication doesn’t end there. Dovercourt publishes a Parent’s Handbook, has a June Camp Day, Parent info sessions for leadership camps, and posts weekly newsletters for each camp program. And, get this…. Dovercourt’s camp directors call each and every camp parent each week to introduce themselves and answer any questions.

For 25 years, Dovercourt Recreation Centre has been a leader in community programming. I encourage you to come see the difference. Download the full program guide at

Published in EMC News February 2013

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Winter 2013 Registered Fitness Class Sale

winter2013 fitness sale graphic3

Really? A Fitness class sale at Dovercourt?!

Starting Wednesday February 6th - ALL remaining spaces in our Winter 2013 registered fitness classes are 70% OFF, while spaces are available! That's more than 8 weeks of great fitness classes available at a huge, one-time discount! Click on the Special Promotions button below to learn more!

Why are we doing this?

We haven't done it before. But just last week we looked at our fitness classes and realized just how much opportunity is perishing now that the session has begun - with such a large and varied program mix the few remaining spaces in each class really add up! So why not give our current and committed registrants the opportunity to take advantage of these spaces? And since it is often more fun to workout with folks you know, we extended the offer to bring a friend and give them the deal as well. 
We also believe, like most of our customers, that regular participation in fitness and physical activities is good for our health. So we have offered this promotion to new people in our community who have yet to meet our fabulous instructors and get started. And we are extending this offer to past members who may have struggled to find the right program for themselves or their schedules. 
So hopefully the rest of our Winter classes will run FULL, and the great opportunities for health and physical activity are not wasted as spaces go unused.
For our current fitness participants, thank you and we hope you take advantage of this special offer to try something new, step up your game, or spread the word about the great class you are taking. 
For more information on this Special Promotion visit our Special Promotions page. To go there, simply click here...

Dovercourt Fitness Workout of the Day for Saturday (February 2)

dovercourt fitness WOD logo

Ahhh.... its the weekend!

And what a weekend to get outdoors and PLAY! Winterlude, Skiiing, Skating, Tobogganning! But don't forget to take a bit of time this weekend for you... Here's tomorrows (Saturday) Workouts!

Early Morning

7:15-8:00am Aqua Power Circuit
8:00-9:00am Low N Sculpt
9:00-10:00am Bootcamp/Step Interval/Skip Circuit
9:00-10:00am Pilates Beginner
9:15-10:15am Spinning

Mid Morning

10:00-10:55am Pilates Intermediate/Advanced ***1 spot left***
10:00-11:00am Cardio Fusion
10:30-11:25am Family Yoga
11:00-12:10pm Pilates Yoga Mix Equipped


8:30-9:15pm Womens Only Aquafitness

Drop in fees available. For additional program information check out our fitness flyers here. 
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Dovercourt Fitness Workout of the Day for Friday (February 1)

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TGIF! Here's Friday's Workouts!

Early Morning

6:30-7:20am Low Impact
6:30-7:20am Spinning
6:30-7:15am Wake Up Workout Aquafitness


8:00-8:45am Deep to the Core Aquafitness ***Only 3 spots left***
8:30-9:25am Strength Mix
9:15-10:00am Healthy Back Aquafitness
9:30-10:25am Complete Conditioning
9:30-10:30am GOLD Senior Weight Training ****FULL*****
9:30-10:25am Pilates Beginner
10:30-11:25am Pilates with Baby
10:45-11:45am GOLD Cardio Balance and Stretch


12:00-12:45pm Aqua Box


5:15-6:30pm Cycle Yoga ***FULL***
6:45-8:15pm Cycle Yoga

Drop in rates are available for programs. For more information on these programs click here. 
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Oprah Recommended KinderJam at Dovercourt starting Feb 13

kinderjam logo

Featured on Oprah’s Favourite Things episode, KinderJam is now here in Ottawa

Kylie Cook-Gagnon learned of KinderJam will stationed with her husband on a military base in the US. Inspired by the program and its creator, Kylie has brought KinderJam to Canada and specifically to Ottawa.

KinderJam was created by El Brown, a US military spouse. As a mother, teacher and certified Parent Educator El is an advocate for early childhood education in military communities, and for enhancing the personal, professional, and financial empowerment of military spouses. She started KinderJam in her home during her husbands’ deployment in Iraq. Since then she has grown the program to be a recognized international Early Childhood enrichment program that has benefited the lives of thousands of young children in both military and civilian families.

El Brown was recently voted Military Spouse of the year for 2012 and was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things show. Kylie who has recently relocated to the Ottawa area is eager and excited to share this enrichment program with Canadian Families. 


KinderJam is a fun, new, exciting, and high-energy Early Childhood Education learning program that emphasizes the kinesthetic and tactile learning of pre-academic and academic skills concepts. Kinesthetic learning is "learning by doing" and tactile learning is "learning by touching". Classes are designed to engage children ranging from birth to 8 years old. KinderJam Parent Engagement Workshops assist parents of young children in becoming their child's first educator and greatest advocate. Programs help young children and parents prepare for success in school. It's fun, but offers more than just recreation!


What is Kinesthetic and Tactile Learning

Simply put, kinesthetic learning is “learning by doing”. As parents and teachers, we know that playing and wiggling are what toddlers and preschoolers do best!  So kinesthetic learning for a toddler or preschooler is “learning by playing and wiggling".  Tactile learning is almost always joined with kinesthetic learning. Both involve bodily movement, but the tactile style is more moderate. It involves the sense of touch, and fine motor movements.  Tactile learning is "learning by touching".


Programs Starting February 13th:


This new, exciting, and high energy music, movement and learning program emphasizes the kinesthetic and tactile learning of pre-academic skills.  Classes are taught in a Parent (or caregiver) and child format designed to enrich children from 1-5 years old.  KinderJam focuses on introducing and reinforcing basic pre-school skills in a spirited manner that will capture and hold a little one's attention from beginning to end.

Weds Feb 13- Mar 6, 9:30-10:15am 84087 $49


BabyJam is an interactive tickle, giggle, and cuddle class that will strengthen your bond with your baby while stimulating physical and cognitive development by using songs, movement, and colorful manipulative.  BabyJam is designed for babies 0-18 months.

Weds Feb 13- Mar 6, 10:30-11:15am 84088 $49


Registration is available online at or in person or by telephone at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre. 411 Dovercourt Avenue, Ottawa, ON. 613-798-8950.



Algonquin College Comes to Aquafit at Dovercourt

Alqonquin College Students Aquafitness

Algonquin College's graduating Fitness and Health Promotion students came for an Aquafitness session today as part of thier training. And they were put through the paces! 

Cheryl did a great job of engaging and leading the class. This is an annual element of the Alqonquin program and Dovercourt is proud to welcome the students and contribute to thier education and preparation for thier careers. 

Dovercourt Fitness Workout of the Day for Thursday (Jan 31)

Dovercourt Fitness WOD logo
We've passed "Hump Day"! Join us for a workout tomorrow and feel good heading into the weekend!! Here's Thursdays class schedule. Hope to see you at the 'court! 

Early Morning

6:30-7:20am Strength Mix


8:30-9:25am Ginettes Variety Class
8:45-9:30am Deep Aqua Arthritis
9:30-10:25am Total Body Ball
10:00-11:00am Osteofit
10:45-11:45am GOLD Cardio Variety


12:00-12:45pm Post Stroke Aqua


1:30-2:30pm Rehab Walking Club
1:30-2:30pm GOLD Senior Weight Training ***FULL***
2:00-2:45pm Sporty Moms Aqua
2:45-3:30pm Aqua Arthritis


5:45-6:40pm Step/Boot Camp


6:30-7:30pm Bridal Boot Camp
6:45-7:40pm Total Core Conditioning
6:30-7:40pm Yoga Stretch and Strength
7:00-8:00pm Power Yoga Flow
7:30-8:15pm Prenatal Aqua
7:30-8:15pm Deep Gentle Aqua
7:45-8:45pm Spinning
7:45-8:25pm Pilates Express Advanced
8:15-9:00pm Deep Aqua
8:30-9:30pm Beginner Salsa

Most classes are available for drop in. Click here for more program information. 
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Dovercourt Fitness Workout of the Day for Wednesday (Jan 30)


Dovercourt Fitness WOD logo

Oops. Missed today's Workout of the Day post. Will try to catch up with this one. 

Early Morning

6:30-7:20am Interval
6:30-7:20am Spinning
6:30-7:15am Wake Up Workout


8:15-9:00am Aquafitness
8:30-9:30am 20/20/20
9:30-10:30am Gold Senior Yoga
10:30-11:15am Aqua Arthritis
10:45-11:45am GOLD Cardio Strength Interval


12:00-12:45pm Fibromyalgia Aquafitness


5:45-6:45pm Strength Mix/Yoga Low


6:45-7:45pm Spinning
7:00-7:55pm WOW & More (Only 4 spots available)
7:00-7:55pm Gentle Yoga
8:00-9:00pm Prenatal Yoga
8:00-9:00pm Zumba
8:00-9:10pm Pilates Yoga Mix Introduction
8:00-8:45pm Aqua Box
8:00-8:45pm H20Running

Drop in rates apply for most programs. Click here for more information on programs and fees. 

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Dovercourt Fitness Workout of the Day for Monday (Jan 28)

Dovercourt Fitness WOD Logo
I think Monday's are our heaviest day of fitness classes. So there has to be something you can find interesting on this list that fits your schedule. Start the week off right!

Early Morning

6:30-7:20am Step
6:30-7:15am Wake Up Workout Aquafitness


8:00-8:45am Deep to the Core Aquafitness ***Only 2 spots left***
8:30-9:25am Low Fusion
9:30-10:25am Women on Weights (WOW)***Only 2 Spots left***
9:30-10:25am Burn And Tone
9:30-10:25am Pilates Beginner
10:30-11:25am Pilates with Baby
10:45-11:45am GOLD Cardio Strength and Stretch


12:00-12:55pm Hooping All Levels
12:10-12:55pm Aquafitness


1:00-1:55pm Feldenkrais *NEW this week*
1:15-2:10am GOLD Senior Weight Training

After Work

5:45-6:40pm Boot Camp
6:00-7:00pm Spinning
6:00-7:30pm Bones For Life *NEW this week*


6:45-7:40pm Pilates Beginner
6:45-7:45pm Zumba
7:15-8:30pm Pilates Yoga Mix Intermediate
7:45-8:55pm Yin Yoga
8:00-9:25pm Tai Chi
8:00-9:00pm Drop In Yoga
8:00-8:45pm Aquafitness Zumba
8:00-8:45pm H20Running (Aquafitness)

Drop in fees are available for most classes. For more information on these programs click here. 
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Dovercourt Fitness Workout of the Day for Saturday (Jan 26)

Dovercourt Fitness Workout of the Day

There are lots of options for fitness on Saturday mornings at Dovercourt!

Grab a bit of "me-time" and get the weekend off to a great start with a solid cardio or stretching workout such as Pilates or yoga. Got time in the evening? We have a Women's only aquafitness class at 8:30pm!
Fitness Centre is open from 6:30am to 8:30pm. 

Morning Classes

7:15-8:00am Aqua Power Circuit
8:00-9:00am Low N Sculpt
9:00-10:00am Bootcamp/Step Interval/Skip Circuit
9:00-10:00am Pilates Beginner
9:15-10:15am Spinning
10:00-10:55am Pilates Intermediate/Advanced ***1 spot left***
10:00-11:00am Cardio Fusion
10:30-11:25am Family Yoga
11:00-12:10pm Pilates Yoga Mix Equipped

Evening Class

8:30-9:15pm Womens Only Aquafitness

Most classes have drop in rates. For more information on programs and fees click here. 
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